Terms and Conditions

You are entitled to a free no obligation taster session before joining Maraca Jacks music workshops. (1 free session per family in 1 location).

Once you have decided to join your chosen group, advance payments are expected for the remaining weeks of the term or half term.  Weekly payments are not accepted without prior arrangement with the office and with the exception of families working shift patterns or childminders attending different days with different children.

As a new member you will receive the following benefits:

- 10% new member discount at your first paying workshop

- 2 week holiday break* during any one term

- Termly newsletter with exclusive access to our early bird payment scheme offering future discounts.

- Details on how to purchase t-shirts, merchandise used at the workshop and information about our Birthday packages available.

*Your are entitled to a 2 week holiday break during any one term (maximum 14 weeks).  However, you must notify us in advance of your holiday and before a payment is made at the beginning of the term.  No refunds will be given after this date for missed sessions unless another valid reason is given.  i.e. child’s illness.


You may cancel your membership at any time but unfortunately refunds cannot be given.

Under the unlikely event that a refund is given, you will only be refunded the price that you paid.  E.g at the early bird or new members discounted rate.