Step 1

Choose a location and workshop that suits you and your little one.

Step 2

All our classes are pay as you go weekly at £4.50 for toddler jacks or £3.50 for Mini Jacks. We encourage you to call or e-mail before attending to double check there is a place as our groups are small and friendly and not too crowded at each venue.

Termly and half termly fee paying is also offered and at the beginning of each term, you will be offered a very generous early bird discount paying for a chunk of either 6 or 12 weeks - details will be given to you at your first class.

Step 3

Download an enrolment form here, fill it in and bring it along to your selected workshop. 

If you're unable to download our enrolment form, We can supply one at your first session.

Please note you will need Adobe pdf viewer to view the enrolment form.
Please check out our terms and conditions here

Step 4

Start enjoying Maraca Jacks and remember, there are no joining fees!

Frequently asked questions

My baby is only a few weeks old, is this too early?

No, definitely not! Babies brains are developing at a very fast rate and the earlier you can do music with them the better!

I can't sing, don't know and nursery rhymes and feel a bit nervous about joining a singing group.

Please don't feel that you 'have' to sing. Babies will listen to all the sounds around them, you can still perform all the actions with your baby, holding them close and enjoying your time together whether you sing or not.

I can't commit to every week as I have a shift pattern job/returning to work etc.

Please talk to your workshop leader, we are quite flexible in this situation and have some offers that we can work around - we can also incorporate a 2 week holiday break per term.

My child is around 16 months, very active and won't sit still - is this too young for the toddler sessions?

No, we recommend that your toddler be around 18 months but once they are up on their feet, it is best to move them into a toddler session as you won't be worrying about small babies and your toddler will receive much more stimulation.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the group?

No, we provide all the equipment and instruments that you need for each session, we have baby mats and group mats for everyone. You are welcome to feed baby/breast feed if needed and all the halls that we choose have an area for baby changing facilities. You might want to bring a small drink for your child to enjoy at the end but we do request that no food is consumed until after the session.

Have we missed any questions out?  If you need your question answered, please e-mail us via the contact page and we'll be happy to answer any queries.